45th Annual Spring Meeting
Anse Chastanet & Scuba St Lucia
May 16 23 , 2020 • 45 Divers



The 2019 Annual Spring Meeting will find us at Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia, West Indies.  St Lucia is said to be the most verdant and scenically spectacular of all the West Indies. In this wild green land, there are mysterious jungles, steamy volcanoes, secret waterfalls, thick palm forests, and most dramatic of all, two spectacular half mile high peaks- the Pitons-that rise vertically out of the Caribbean Sea. There are many reasons to stay at Anse Chastanet; the most compelling is that it gives you the opportunity to be a part of this beauty.


Anse Chastanet has only 49 rooms- deliberately. The hotel is nestled among a 500- acre estate in a unique hillside-beachfront setting with one of the island’s nicest beaches natural beaches. Readers of Conde Nast Traveler selected Anse Chastanet as one of the “Caribbean’s Top 15 Small Hotels”.  This unique resort plus extraordinary diving make this a fabulous choice for the ISAM simmer meeting.  The surrounding great natural beauty and special ambience will enrapture ISAM guests, and their internationally –reputed scuba diving facility, Scuba St Lucia, is located just at the south end of the beach. While the sensuous seclusion of the rooms provides some guests with the perfect excuse for lolling away the day on the balcony, others head out to partake of the many activities on offer; snorkeling, scuba diving, tennis, sunset sailing, jungle biking, “kool kayaking” or a nature walk among the ruins of a colonial plantation.


Anse Chastanet is on the lee side of St Lucia so divers will enjoy consistently favorable diving conditions. The bay is virtually flat and calm, and there is excellent snorkeling and diving within 50 feet of the shoreline. The biggest attraction of the reef is the abundance of reef fish, Many species of fish that are uncommon through out the rest of the Caribbean- such a peppermint bass, long lure frogfish, chain moray, and spotted eels to name a few- can be found here.



Keynote Speaker: He graduated from  University of Arizona School of Medicine and is a leading specialist in Occupational and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Martin is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a national speaker on Addiction and Occupational Medicine. Dr. Martin is immediate past President of the NC Society of Addiction Medicine and President of the Southeastern College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He also serves as an advisory physician for Diver’s Alert Network and is a master scuba diver.

Credits and Outdoor Activities: Our next annual spring meeting will be filled with great diving and stimulating medical lectures.  We hope to see you there!

Conference Objectives: ISAM is an association of diving physicians dedicated to the promulgation of diving medicine information to physicians and health care providers in the United States and foreign Countries. The conference will include the study of such topics as underwater physiology, diagnosis,and treatment of decompression sickness, physical examinations for divers, and the treatment of injuries caused by poisonous and venomous animals.



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