salvador1The Riding Rock Inn in San San salvador played host to ISAM’s 2003 Annual Spring Meeting. The most Eastern island in the Bahamas chain, San Salvador – remote and wild – was a true underwater adventure.

Tunnels starting at 20 feet meandered through the wall and opened up 80 feet below the surface. Shoots and crevices plummeted to the depths below. Manta rays gilded by and desappeared into the blue clear waters of the outer islands of the Bahammas. Schooling hammerheads patroled the base of the wall with their heads swaying back and forth as they moved throughout their territory. It all provided us with some pretty spectacular diving.

Perhaps most enticing was the mother/baby dolphin pair we spotted in “San Sal” Lucy and Little Richie, who was born in the bay, are frequently seen by divers who visit the area , and ISAM diverswere no exception. We also saw large green morays who make their home around San Salvador. The incredible wall diving also gave us plenty af marine life to admire.

Pristine beaches, exciting diving , and claer water made San Salvador an ideal location for 2003 Spring meeting.

Join us next year as we head to St Lucia and the beautiful Anse Chastanet Resort!


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