I had a little surprise on my May 23rd site visit in Seward, Alaska…

I had a little surprise on my May 23rd site visit in Seward, Alaska. I had to re-create the scene of a diver fatality and place a fully equipped mannequin on the exact spot near Fox Island Spit. Conditions were about 55 degrees air temperature, 39 degrees

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The Navigator’s Grandson

By Bret Gilliam / OCEAN TECH   

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A Dog’s Tale: Wagging Goodbye

By Bret Gilliam / OCEAN TECH   

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Helpful Diving Tips & Observations

By Bret Gilliam, September 24, 2010 I started diving in 1959, so I had my 50th anniversary last year. That’s not as bad as it sounds since my father, a senior naval officer, indulged my fascination with scuba after watching the first episode of Sea Hunt with

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Houston Underwater Photographic Society

The Houston Underwater Photographic Society (HUPS) is a not-for-profit organization formed to encourage interest and participation in underwater photography and videography.   Link: http://www.hups.org/        

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Wilderness Medical Society

  LINK: Wilderness Medical Society

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Lost in Translation

By Bret Gilliam, September 14, 2010   The diving experience is made up of a number of things. Just getting there at times involves days of transit via airplanes (some of dubious provenance), overnights in bizarre accommodations definitely not in the Travel & Leisure Top Ten, equally

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Shark Attack !

By Bret Gilliam, September 10, 2009   Be forewarned. There are no traces of my trademark dry humor to be found in this story and there’s no happy ending. It’s probably as close as I’ve come to my trip to Valhalla. In October of 1972 it happened

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Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society

  LINK: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society

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