The International Society of Aquatic Medicine was formed in 1975 by a distinguished group of physicians whose common interests centered on scuba diving medicine.

The Society offers unique opportunities to dive in exotic places and at the same time obtain knowledge and earn CME credit. Our programs include diving medicine, hyperbaric medicine, diving safety, treatment of venomous animal stings and bites, and diagnosis and treatment of decompression illness.

Our annual spring meetings are held in the Caribbean area, and it is at that meeting most of our members attend. Category 1 CME credits are offered. Several times during the year smaller groups venture to even more exclusive locales such as Fiji, the Coral Sea, Australia, as well as other dive sites in the Caribbean. On each of our smaller trips we have an instructor to provide stimulating conversations and lectures pertinent to diving. The smaller meetings offer Category 2 CME credits.

Our annual spring meeting is always held the week before Memorial Day in May from a Saturday to Saturday. Our annual summer meeting is held the first week in August.

The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter to update all 1800 members. Included are topics of current interest in diving medicine, new advances made in scuba diving, the ecology of the oceans, and personal experiences of exotic dive locales. We also have a Facebook page.

ISAM bylaws