Dive Dominica/ Castle Comfort Lodge

dominica1The 11th Annual Family Seminar took us in Dominica, home of some of the very finest diving around.

The final frontier of Caribbean diving, ISAM divers visited an underwater realm unsullied and unaltered.

The reefs of Dominica held surprises for even the most seasoned diver. Frogfish, seahorses, flying gurnards, and snake eels were almost daily encountres. With a staff of PADI and NAUI trained instructors and divemasters, four superd dedicated dive boats, and an intimate knoweledge of the reefs and waters surrounding the island, Dive Dominica offeres some of the friendliest and most professional dive services in the southeast Caribbean.

With only 15 rooms, Castle Comfort Lodge was an ideal launching point for our Dominica adventures. A small, intimate dive resort that rests directly on the edge of the ocean among the green hills of Dominica, Castle Comfort provided peace and serenity with some great diving throwm in as well!


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