losroques1Located 85 miles north of Caracas and 180 miles west of Margarita Island, the Archipielago Los Roques is Caribbean Diving at its finest. Over 50 islands and keys of coral reef origin are home and huge amounts of marine life provide the kind of remote diving found in the Caribbean 20 years ago.

The 85-foot M/V Antares Dancer is the only liveaboardin the protected Los Roques National Marine Park, and ISAM guests were treated to incredible underwater scenery. Divers enjoyed a wide variety of dive sites, from shallow reefs to perpendicular drop-offs t pinnacles and caves that are hore to sharks and crustaceans of every type. Walls of soft coral and sea whips descended more than 200 feet through a kaleidoscope of tropical fish.

Many divers enjoyed a brief land trip though Venezuela prior to boarding the M/V Antares Dancer. It was trudly an adventure to remember!

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