M/V Caribbean Explorer II/Explorer Ventures

marte1The first conference of 2004 took us to the Northeast Caribbean, an intriguing blend of Dutch, British, French, and native cultures on some of the most scenic islands of the Caribbean. An winning cambination of diving and island exploration make the Caribbean Explorer unique within the liveaboard diving industry.
ISAM divers spent 2 1/2 days within the Saba Marine Park, a day within the St Eustatius Marine Park, and another 2 1/2 days St Kitts. The Schedule provided 3 islands tours during the week, which was ample time fof ISAM guests to explore forts, rainforest, dutty-free shops, and museums.
The highlight of the week’s diving was the time spent in Saba Marine Park. Diamond Rock gave ISAM members a breathtaking spectacle-a sponge-crusted catherdral with foaming surge for a roof and a congregation of untold numbers of fish. The Pinnacles was another top dive site for the ISAM group with tiger, yellow fin, and Nassau groupers swimming though the corals.
ISAM travelers who made the journey on the M/V Caribbean Explorer all found it to be a great start to 2004.
Join us in Tobago as we board the M/V Wind Dancer for teh first ISAM conference of 2005.


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